Garo and Friends

Garo and Friends are a group of musicians dedicated to playing contemplative and inspirational music. Making unity, peace within and without and love without boundaries their ideal, Garo and Friends combine Western and Eastern -particularly Turkish- instruments in their music that produces unique, meditative, and contemplative melodies. Their repertoire consists of original compositions sung mostly in English and some in Turkish.

Since mid-nineties Garo Altinian has been composing music inspired by the Sufi and meditative spiritual traditions in the western pop/folk style. After moving to Ottawa in 2011, new group of musician have joined Garo on a more permanent basis. Cellist Joan Harrison, bassist Lucas Lacerda, Yves Saint-Pierre on piano and keyboard formed the core of the band. Later Kevin Ecker (aka Kerem) (keys, violin, and guitar), Ahmet Gul (ney), and Murat Kucuk (percussion) joined the group. After several concerts Garo produced his second album with the participation of the Ottawa group, again dedicated it to Rumi called ‘Rumi Remembered – Come to the Orchard’. The CD (mixed by Kerem) was launched in November 2018.