Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood is a trio from Ottawa, ON. Jack, Kevin and Lili met through jam sessions in town and realized that they have a shared vision for music.

Knock on Wood is aiming to deliver acoustic songs through the guitar, the percussion, the flute and vocals.

2019 © Brian Cote
2019 © Brian Cote

Jack Pyl

Jack Pyl is an artist and musician active in the local arts scene for many years in visual arts, music and theater. He is a composer, music arranger, recording artist and accompanist. His main instruments are winds and percussion. As part of the trio Knock On Wood, he is happy to make his first appearance at the Grassroots Festival.

Jack is also a craftman designing and building musical instruments


Lili is a singer/songwriter who has been singing since she started writing songs in 2013. She writes songs in French, English, and Persian. Her mother’s beautiful voice inspired her to sing and pursue her passion for music. She continued writing and sang with various bands and projects in the Ottawa area for years. Her vocal style has been described by many as a soulful fusion of folk, pop, and soft rock. A common thread for her music choice is a message of positivity and inspiration.

Upcoming Events

  • Knock on Wood cancelled their musical events until the resolution of the COVID-19 situation.

Previous Events

  • Feb 16th – Art House Cafe (2-4pm)
  • Sep 27th – Log Drive Coffee – 7:30pm
  • Sep 3rd – Live on Elgin (feature act at 10:30pm)
  • Aug 4th – Britannia Coffee House (1:00 to 3:30pm)
  • May 29 – Pressed – 8pm
  • May 16 – Ottawa City Hall – 6pm
  • Apr 28 -Grassroots Festival
Art House Cafe – Feb 16th, 2020
Britannia Cafe House – Aug 4th, 2019
Live on Elgin

Performance at Ottawa Grassroots Festival 2019